Courier - HTML5 RPG

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Courier Introduction

It's time to introduce my latest project! I'm creating a non-combat RPG game called Courier. You play as a postman in a lively, fantasy world filled with interesting characters and a wealth of environmental obstacles. The game is seeking funding on Kickstarter and support on Steam Greenlight right now!

The Kingdom of Veilend has fresh memories of a war they fought against a neighboring kingdom to defend their lands. Attacks start appearing that appear just as the attacks that led to the previous war, so tensions rise and a lowly mail carrier attempts to find the real truth behind it all.

Continue to Courier's game page to see more!

Trumpet for Hip-Hop

I had the wonderful opportunity this year to record trumpet for an awesome Sonic CD remix on OverClocked ReMix. It was a huge mega-collab between a lot of very talented artists and I'm proud I got to be a part of it. It's received basically nothing but praise across the board and will be featured on Temporal Duality, a Sonic CD remix project due out from OverClocked ReMix in the near future. So be sure to check out the track, "Time Traveller's Delight"!

Sonic CD Temporal Duality Support Bar